Drowning Cat Reaches Out For Help, Dog Jumps In Water To Rescue Her

It’s always been said that cats and dogs are enemies. You see it in cartoons and read about it in stories, but contrary to popular belief, they aren’t always against each other. Cats and dogs can get along and even be the best of friends!

Source: China Plus News/Facebook

In the video below, we have a situation where a dog lays his life on the line and risks it all to save the life of a random cat. If this doesn’t prove that cats and dogs can care about each other, I don’t know what will!

Source: China Plus News/Facebook

There isn’t any information on this video, but it shows a cat in distress and trapped in the water. She even appears to reach out for help at one point when she sees the dog. Fortunately, the good dog doesn’t hesitate to jump in the water allowing the kitty to climb on his back to be saved. Amazing!

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