Dog Thrown Off The Bridge In A Multi-Car Crash, Yelps For Help As He Hits Water

Virginia Marine Police responded to a multi-car crash at the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel in Suffolk, which caused quite a ruckus in the area. None of the civilians sustained any severe injuries, but it was the plight of a German Shepherd named Kenji that caused everyone to panic.

Source: WAVY TV 10/YouTube | PxHere


Kenji was ejected out of the car window and thrown off the bridge when the cars collided. Although Kenji was trying his best to stay afloat, the heavy currents in the water posed a major threat to his life. The dog’s owner and another passerby anxiously tried to retrieve Kenji by hanging over the bridge. But poor Kenji was far from their reach.

The officers struggled for over an hour and a half as they arranged for a boat to rescue Kenji. They skillfully navigated through the strong currents, and scooped up the dog just before he was about to be swept away! The exhausted dog was so relieved to be saved that he planted a sweet kiss on his kind rescuer!

Source: WAVY TV 10/YouTube


Thankfully, Kenji was unhurt in the entire ordeal. He was soon in happy spirits as he reunited with his owner and thanked the brave rescue team with hugs and snuggles. While the cause of the collision is still under investigation, the officers are happy that everyone was safe at the end of the day. We salute and thank these brave men for this daring rescue!

Click the video below to watch how the heroic rescue team saved the drowning Kenji!

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