Unloved And Discarded As Trash, He Finally Found People Who Deem Him A Treasure

A little dog was found at a gas station, napping near the petrol pumps. Although his background is unknown, it was assumed that he had been abandoned there and just dumped like he was no better than a pile of trash.

Luckily, he was rescued by Sidewalk Specials and named “Ralph.” They waited two weeks while they tried to find his owners, but no one ever came forward. From there, he was brought to an animal hospital where he was examined and given the necessary medical care.


While at the vets, Ralph plopped down on the floor and fell right to sleep. They had never seen a rescue dog fall asleep mid-examination before, but Ralph was exhausted from living on the streets. And for the first time, he finally felt safe.


Ralph went from sleeping at the gas station to sleeping at the vets, to now sleeping in a loving home. A foster took him in, but their expectations were much different than how it turned out to be.


They were worried about having a rescue dog around their child, but the two of them quickly bonded, and Ralph was so great with her. They also expected a rescue dog would be high-maintenance, but Ralph was so easy-going!


Ralph was this family’s first-ever foster, and they never expected to adopt him. But he fit into their family so well that they didn’t want it any other way! Ralph was officially a foster-fail! They truly believe that not only did they choose Ralph, but Ralph chose them as well!


There are still plenty of other dogs like Ralph who are wandering the streets and stuck in shelters, waiting for a loving family to choose them, too! Visit your local shelter to find the perfect pup to add to your home!

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