Study Reveals That People Prefer Spending Time With Dogs Over Other Humans

If you prefer the company of your dog over the company of people, you aren’t alone. A recent study of over 2,000 dog owners from Link AKC reveals some startling results about the joys and preferences of dog ownership.

The study asked participants to answer questions as to how a dog impacts their emotional, physical, and mental well being. A whopping 51% of dog owners shared they skip social occasions sometimes to hang out with their dog.

Source: KCRA 3/Buzz60

Physical health was improved for 68% of dog owners, with 82% of participants noticing a mental health improvement because of their doggos.

When it comes to romance, not liking the dog would be a deal breaker for four out of five people surveyed. A dog’s love is loyal and constant, so we totally get that! In fact, 20% of dog owners say their pooch helped them get through a breakup.

Source: KCRA 3/Buzz60

For those of you who tell secrets to your dogs, you aren’t alone. Nearly three-quarters of participants tell the dog things they’d never tell a human being. Dogs are the best!

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