She’s Ready for Nap Time, But Won’t Sleep Until She Gets Her Favorite Toy

This priceless video opens with a beautiful boxer babe staring upwards off camera. At first, we thought she would be staring at food, or a toy, or maybe even a parakeet. But, you won’t believe what pops into the camera. We almost couldn’t contain ourselves.

The camera does not leave Princess Leia once as she falls asleep with her beloved pacifier. And yes, it is in her mouth and she does suck on it before going to sleep. Like a little jowly baby. Maybe even as slobbery as a real baby.

If you think that’s as cute as it gets, think again because the last few seconds of this video is Princess Leia snoring with her pacifier in her mouth. And we mean snoring like a middle aged man who fell asleep on the Lazy Boy during a lousy football game. Snoring.

This adorable boxer sleeps with a pacifier! That’s right, Princess Leia needs her binky so she can go to sleep. Wow, that’s not a sentence we ever thought we would have to write!

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