Rescued From Shelter, Watch As This Dog Gets To Pick Out Her Very First Toy

After being dropped off at a high-kill shelter, this sweet dog didn’t have much hope left. She was only a puppy when she was surrendered, and no one really even knew why. This poor dog lived through neglect, and likely even abuse, terrified of almost everything and everyone–a trait that is very unlike a normally happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever. But luckily for her, Brian Becker stepped in and saved her life when he learned that this poor dog was on doggy death row without much time left.

“Roo the one-year-old rescued Golden Retriever who never had any toys, or so much as anything to chew, grew up imprisoned, starved and neglected,” Becker wrote on his blog.

Watching Becker take this special dog (who he named Roo) to pick out her first toy in a pet store might be the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. The look of hope twinkles in her eye, and it makes me so happy to see this precious pup be treated with love and kindness, just like she deserves!

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