Rescue Dog Refuses To Sleep Til New Dad Does & Fears He’ll Bring Her Back To Shelter

Blu, a deaf Pit Bull mix, did not have an easy start to life.

She spent puppyhood with a family who kept her locked in a small room. Eventually, they surrendered her to an overcrowded kill-shelter in Modesto, California.


She didn’t have many things going for her. She was deaf and she was also a Pit Bull, a breed that almost every shelter is filled with and is often overlooked.

She was scheduled to be euthanized, but Family Dog Rescue saved her just in time.


She spent the next year at their rescue, waiting for her forever home, but continued to be ignored by visitors.

But then a man named Sean Stevens laid eyes on her and fell in love instantly. When he and his partner, Marc, first met Blu, they knew she’d be a perfect fit for their family.


Blu settled into her new home, but Stevens noticed something off about her. She refused to lay down and close her eyes, no matter how exhausted she was.

He posted pictures of her staring at him on Reddit with the caption:

“Blu was jut adopted. No matter how tired Blu gets she won’t sleep unless we all do. We think she does this because she is afraid that we will bring her back to the shelter. Blu is never going back. She is home.”


This went on for nearly a week as she continued to stare at her dads wherever they went in the house.

But whenever her dads go to bed and turn the lights out, Blu sleeps very soundly right next to them. When she wakes up in the morning and sees that her dads are still there, she becomes overly excited and wags her tail.


“It’s a day at a time sort of life for her,” Stevens told The Dodo. “And every day gets easier for her to realize that she has found a home.”


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