Rescue Dog Keeps Interrupting Woman On The Phone To Show Her How Much He Loves Her

I know some people who are naturally dramatic. They move their arms when they tell a story, sometimes even their whole body! They raise their voice not because they’re angry or upset, but because they are over the moon excited and have no volume control. They kiss me on the cheek three times and hold a hug for seconds longer than what I’m used to when we say goodbye. What can I say? I have some impassioned friends! They have a huge love for life, a wildly grateful, wholehearted attitude that gets reflected in their grandiose greetings!

And, pets can be like that too. Usually, after heartache or trauma, we realize the beauty and gift of life. It’s through these tough, dark times that we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rescue dogs are the perfect example of this. After surviving neglect, abuse, starvation and devastation, it’s the second chance at life that lights them up inside. Asher is a rescue dog taken in by the Dogs Deserve Better shelter in Smithfield, Virginia, USA. Found chained up in deplorable conditions, the pup was rescued and his life has been on the upswing ever since.

This is an adorable video of Asher showing an employee at the shelter just how unconditional his love is. While the woman is on the phone, on hold with the CEO of the company, Asher wastes no time deciding it’s the perfect time to jump on her and shower her with love and affection. He climbs on top, his two front paws on either side of her head with his face in her face. She turns her head and starts to laugh. He’s managed to cling on to her in a way that his body weight is on her shoulder, her left arm supporting him while he tries to lick her face. She’s making hilarious faces, clearly amused, but also trying to get work done on the phone, and Asher isn’t helping her much! He just loves her so much, and doesn’t want to give her any reason to think otherwise! As if she possibly could! This dog’s feelings are so loud and clear and literally, in her face. He loves her and is beyond grateful for everything she’s done to help him.

He has since found his forever home and been adopted. Dogs Deserve Better wrote, “His new brother is Benji and they are the best of friends. He has 17 acres that he walks daily and loves to go to the garden with his Dad. He steals tomatoes from the bucket when they are brought in, rolls them down the hall and tries to eat them before his Mom cans them. He also has 30 chicken friends that he is very curious about but won’t swim in the pool with his Mom yet! He has adjusted amazingly and is spoiled rotten!”

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