Pregnant chihuahua has big belly but after 10th puppy arrives foster mom learns her even bigger secret

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption recently saved a group of neglected chihuahuas during an outreach call in Mission, Kansas. One of the chihuahuas, Laugh Out Loud, aka “LOL,” was pregnant and due any minute. Luckily, the expecting mama was pulled from a life-threatening hoarding situation just in time.

Foster manager Jessica Bennett hurried to find LOL a foster home and Josie Boyd Brown and her family came to the rescue. Finally surrounded by safety and support, it wasn’t long before LOL felt comfortable enough to go into labor—and on National Puppy Day no less! But after three, four and then five puppies popped out, Josie noticed LOL was still “round and bulbous.” The average litter size for a chihuahua is about five puppies, but LOL had delivered 10… or so Josie thought. The next morning, after LOL was all done and settling in with her babies, Josie decided to check the puppies’ genders. When she counted eight males and three females, she realized something didn’t add up. She recounted several times and realized the stunning truth.

After a 12-hour labor and lots of Google searches, Josie discovered LOL had delivered a record-breaking number of puppies for a chihuahua, and broke the Guinness Book of World Records! Watch the video above to see why.

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