Pit Bull Brings All Of Her Babies To Her Foster Mom And Gently Puts Them In Her Lap

Dogs do the darndest things. Especially when they want to show their unwavering gratitude to a foster parent who’s done something extra special.

Foster mom Stevoni Wells Doyle is that parent. She took in a pregnant Pit Bull, Grayce, when no one else would take her in. I mean, after all, taking in a pregnant pup is a big responsibility filled with challenges.

But she stepped up to the plate to give Grayce a safe place to deliver her newborns, and mama couldn’t be more thankful.

So what did this mama do to show her gratitude? Shortly after giving birth to her precious little puppies, Grayce grabbed each one of her eleven puppies and individually delivered them to Stevoni’s lap! In the video, you can see just how moved Stevoni is by this ultimate gesture. As Grayce lays her head into her foster mom’s lap, you can see that she showing her that she is truly thankful for her kindness.

Dogs have feelings, and they show them! Offering your babies to your foster mom might be the most grateful gesture a dog can make. Actions do speak louder than words!

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