Owner T.ies Dog Under Stairs & Runs Off, Dog Cries In The Same Spot For Months

Rescuers of “Stray Rescue of St. Louis” heard about a sick dog lurking in a shabby neighborhood. When they arrived at the block, they were horrified to find the dog living in such a dirty and unhygienic dump.

Source: Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official/YouTube


The dog, later named Olson, looked sick, starving and severely dehydrated. To top it off he was tied under the stairs and abandoned for months. A rescuer approached him gently, but the poor dog was so skittish that he simply ran away to hide under the shadowy wooden staircase.

Some of the neighbors came forward and said that the dog had been alone for months, supposedly after being discarded by his owner under that staircase. “Are you going to save that dog?” they shouted, “I fed him back when it was really cold.” Hearing the shrill voices, Olson started shaking uncontrollably in fear and refused to come out.

Source: Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official/YouTube


However, the rescuers were sure that the frightened dog was nowhere near safe in that shady neighborhood. They coaxed him to come out with the help of treats. Olson gave in to his hunger at last and finally embraced his rescuers.

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook


He was taken to the rescue’s clinic and given the much needed medical attention. He is not fearful anymore and has been adjusting well to the safe and secure shelter environment. The volunteers are currently working on finding him a  forever home, while the cops are looking for his a.busing owner who abandoned him. Spread the word and help catch his owner.

Click the video below to watch Olson’s distressing and exhausting rescue from the neighborhood!


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