Nobody Cared for Puppy Because It Looks Like He’s Always Dancing. But He Finally Finds True Love

The world is a beautiful place filled with diversity. Traveling and meeting new people means that you’re able to open your mind up to so many different cultures, languages, people, and situations. And those who are appreciative of the various varieties of life, are those that are able to love passionately without restrictions. It is these people that truly deserve all the greatness in the world.

One such person is a lovely lady named Alicia who went above and beyond to save a precious life. Despite the somewhat “unfavourable” conditions and complications, she and her husband knew that they had enough love in their heart and in their home to share it with any and every person that comes their way—and it made all the difference. Their story will give you a wonderful sense of hope.

Alicia works at a no-kill animal shelter in Palm Springs, California and while at work, an eight-week old teacup chihuahua, who was later named Boogie Shoes, was brought in. The adorable pup was diagnosed with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia which makes him look as though he is always dancing. Because of this, his former owner abandoned him.

Alicia initially took home this adorable puppy to foster him temporarily, but as soon as her husband met the little dancing prince, his heart was stolen. The pair decided to adopt Boogie Shoes full-time and now, he’s the centre of their world. It’s truly people such as Alicia and her husband that make this world a better place.

Watch the video below to hear the full story and don’t forget to share it with a friend or family member, or someone who is an undeniable dog lover. It’ll most definitely give even the biggest cynic a bit of positivity.

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