Mommy dog who lost her puppies finally finds happiness again when six orphaned puppies were brought to her!

Losing one’s babies because of a disease or illness is truly heartbreaking, whether to a human or an animal. And since animals have varied emotions like us too, losing their litter could also make them sad and depressed.

A cute dog named Blossom had given birth to three adorable puppies, Buttercup, Begonia, and Bluebell, while she was under the care of Maggie, a shelter coordinator at Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston. Unfortunately, Begonia and Bluebell died after several days due to an infection.

The frantic Blossom was left with one little angel, Buttercup, and soon fell into sadness and depression. However, Blossom was soon to find happiness again, when her caretaker Maggie had brought in six orphaned puppies, who were tragically thrown out of a car window by a monster.

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