MLB pitcher hears stray puppies barking underground, so he climbs into sewer to rescue them

A couple of stray puppies in Houston were wandering the streets when they fell into a sewer. Neighbors heard the dogs, but they didn’t know how to help.

They called agencies of the City of Houston, but nobody was able to get to the puppies. A few firefighters and cops showed up to try to find the stray dogs, but they were unsuccessful — and eventually had to leave.

Neighbors were worried the puppies wouldn’t survive if they weren’t rescued, but that’s when Daniel Mengden showed up. Daniel, a Houston native, is a Major League Baseball pitcher who plays for the Oakland A’s. He’s also a member of a local animal rescue group.


He and two others climbed into the sewer to try to rescue the puppies. To find them, Daniel started whistling. When the puppies heard the whistle, they barked in response, which allowed Daniel and the other rescuers to track them down.

Luckily, Daniel had fishing nets and waders in his car, which came in handy when the rescuers climbed into the storm drain. The fishing nets helped them lift the terrified puppies out of the sewer.

The pups were apparently part of a litter of eight — the other six were rescued elsewhere and will be put up for adoption soon. As for the two sewer pups? Daniel and his girlfriend are adopting them.

Watch the video below to see the dramatic rescue!

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