Loyal Dog Lies Over Her Paralyzed Dad For 20 Hrs After Accident & Saves His Life

A Michigan man named Bob had ventured out alone into the woods to collect firewood, when he slipped and had a nasty fall on the icy trail. As he lay paralyzed on the snow with a broken neck, he screamed for help in the pitch-dark night.

Source: McLaren Northern Michigan/Facebook


Bob’s nearest neighbor was a quarter mile away and couldn’t hear him. Luckily for him, his yelps for help reached his loyal Golden Retriever, Kelsey. Aided by her sharp hearing, Kelsey tracked Bob down on her own. The brave dog immediately gauged the situation and started barking for help.

As the night grew colder, Bob’s wounded body began giving way. Kelsey sensed this and started making an effort towards keeping Bob warm. She rubbed his hands and feet and lay over him for over 20 hours. Her screeching howls eventually alerted the neighbor about Bob’s accident and help finally arrived.

Source: McLaren Northern Michigan/Facebook


Bob was critical and unconscious by the time he was found. He was taken in for an emergency surgery. The doctors claim that Bob managed to stay alive only due to Kelsey’s efforts toward keeping her dad warm and conscious.

Source: McLaren Northern Michigan/Facebook


Even at the hospital, Kelsey was an anxious wreck. However, she kept Bob’s spirits up with her reassuring hugs and kisses. Bob still has a long road of recovery and rehabilitation ahead of him, but he is determined to brave it all with Kelsey by his side! What a good girl!

Click the video below to watch how Kelsey bravely brought her dad back from the doors of d.eath!

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