ive years ago, he picked up a wild dog, and now he’s grateful by this way, so smart!

The five-year-old Duo Duo, not only thoughtful but also very responsible. When the owner sells, he will obediently sit next to his owner. When the owner goes somewhere from the store, he quickly jumps up to the sales looking like a real shopkeeper.

At first, the owner said that Duo Duo should have fun jumping on the seat , he later learned that it is really cared for, because when having customers, Duo Duo immediately barked two as reminded: “Have visitors” or “Customers want to pay”.

The Duo Duo is a pitiful dog. A rainy day with great wind, his mother gave birth near the fruit stall. At that time, the family was raising five children, but he couldn’t see Duo Duo starving to death cold outside so he brought him to home and named Duo Duo. From that day, he always tries to take good care of Duo Duo. So far the dog has used this way to give gratitude to their families.

Dogs are always faithful, if you treat them well, they will pay you double. So if you see poor little dogs in the street try extending the help, just a little action of you will make them remember for life.

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