Ikea store in Italy opens its doors to local stray dogs and lets them sleep on rugs to keep them warm during winter

IKEA is a well-known brand that has multiple stores in many interesting places. It has now been reported that a particular IKEA store in Italy has been applauded by the local community and internet users alike for letting in stray dogs to help them keep warm and dry during the frigid winter months in the country.

The staff at the store in Catania, Italy, have even gone the extra mile to feed the dogs. Some of the stray animals were extremely lucky that day as they were also adopted by some of the staff members.

A video that has been shared on Facebook shows a couple of stray dogs sleeping soundly between the furniture displays in the store.

The footage was uploaded on the social media site by Martine Taccia who said that she had been “amazed” by the kind gesture of the IKEA staff, the Daily Mail reported.

She wrote in the caption of her Facebook post: “A good initiative to shelter the strays while it’s raining outside.” She added when she spoke to animal website The Dodo: “My reaction was pure amazement, It’s not a common thing.” Her video of the heartwarming gesture by the store staff has now gained almost 1 million views on Facebook alone.

According to the comments on the photos, dog lovers are giving the store’s policy a big thumbs up. “Thank God there are still good people in the world who help poor animals,” one commenter wrote on Instagram.

Other internet users have also taken to various forms of social media to praise IKEA, which is a company that is very familiar with animal welfare. The retail giant partnered with animal welfare groups in 2014 for a project called ‘Home For Hope’.

Standing displays of dogs were kept in the middle of furniture in the store in order to attract potential adopters. The outlets that took part in the campaign included those located in the US and Singapore.

Beppe Liotta, a customer in the store, spoke to The Dodo about the make-shift dog hostel that popped up overnight. She said: “I felt great happiness at seeing dogs crouched in the exhibition space at the entrance of the Ikea.” Another user also commented on the video and said: “What an absolutely fantastic thing to do! Showing such compassion to these poor creatures is a fine example to us all.”

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