Honey, I’m home! Shiba dog is overwhelmed with joy at reuniting with its owner after half a year

It is well-documented that animals help us in many ways, especially in terms of our health and well-being, by elevating our moods and keeping us company. Despite the language and communication barrier, animals are just as bright and perceptive as humans are, and they can be affected mentally, emotionally and psychologically by us.

An invisible bond exists between humans and their pets that dramatically impact their lives. This is true, primarily with dogs, who not only bond with us and keep us fit by walking them, but they are also reliable, protective, and sensible of those they form a deep and sincere attachment to. Which is why they tend to experience great distress when they are left behind or alone.

With that said, the following video depicts the heart-melting reaction of a female Shiba Inu dog called Koro in Japan when she reunites with her owner after a long separation. The dog who lives in Toyama city was apart from its owner from 3rd January until 27 July this year. This emotional reunion is the perfect display of the mutual affection and bond between animals and humans, that will continue to warm our hearts for years to come.

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