German Shepherd Finds Cat In Her Bed Again, Takes Appropriate Action

In this hilarious video, watch as German Shepherd called Gerty discovers something unusual sitting on her bed. She find out that Mrs.Peppers the cat has taken over Gerty’s territory and also taken over her bed! Gerty knows she’s left with only one choice… Take back what’s hers! This hilarious video will surely make you laugh as you cannot help but to smile when the dog reclaims what is hers!

This has to be one of the most funniest cat and dog video! On these days all the cat and dog videos across internet are them being cute and friends with each other, but not this one! This one shows that old stereotype that cats and dogs do not like each other, especially when they take each others space! Maybe one day these two could become great friends, but it seems that today isn’t that day!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Raising a cat or dog on their own can be a lot of work, but raising both of them at the same time is even more of a challenge! There are so many different pet supplies that you need to get to help raise them that it can be hard to keep track of. In the end though raising them does pay off as they create precious memories such as this one here!

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