The family evacuated to avoid floods, suddenly did not see the dog! They see this scene when coming back to their former home

Druzhok is a 4-year-old dog who is extremely intelligent but stubborn in eastern Russia. Last summer a flood occurred a large part of the village of Vladimirovka.

Yelena’s family (Druzhok’s owner) quickly left for a safer place with some necessary supplies. “We did not have much time to clean up our belongings,” said Yelena. “The floods came very quickly and my husband hurriedly said it was time to go. We have brought along Druzhok.”

But the next morning Yelena did not find Druzhok anymore. She was very anxious and looked around but still could not see the dog’s silhouette. Elena thinks that Druzhok is very intelligent and he can return to their old house.

They quickly boarded the old house to find the Druzhok, Yelena said: “As we got closer to home we saw a salvager approaching. He asked, “Your dog? It does not allow me to come close so I can not save it to a safe place”.

Although the door was locked but Druzhok was still watching the door, he dipped himself in the water and sat there from last evening until now.

When he saw the owner, he was very happy, Yelena confided: “We rowed into the yard and saw it. Druzhok was cold and trembling but he did not leave. When we see it we are very happy.” Druzhok was quickly taken to a safer place with his family.

Although it makes the owner very nervous, but when he saw the image of him sitting in the house holding water in the owner will certainly feel very happy because he is such a loyal dog.

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