Dog being trained to sleep in a cage deserves all the pets he can get

Before animal enthusiasts, or more specifically dog lovers, come at us with pitchforks, you might be thrilled to know that the canine in the video isn’t a victim of animal abuse.As a matter of fact, the owners took to Instagram to explain that their beloved Yuki the white Shiba Inu is being trained to sleep in a cage for traveling purposes.

That, coupled with the fact that their landlords have stipulated that pets should be kept in cages during bedtime.

What’s even more ensuring is the fact that Yuki is very well taken care off and pampered by the owners, and the video, which has garnered over 500,000 views, captures the affection shared between Yuki and its owners.

While Yuki is in the cage, the four-legged friend quickly calls and reaches out for its owner and asked for a few moments to be petted.

The owner obliged and Yuki, as pleased as he is, can be seen enjoying his well-deserved pets and we can’t help but wonder if the owner is just as pleased to be spoiling their beloved canine too.

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