Dog 17 Times, Blinded, C.ut & Jaw Broken, Possibly Used As Target Practice

A 5-year-old pregnant dog named Maggie was found dumped on a roadside with 17 bullet wounds. She was possibly used as target practice before being chained to a box and left to On top of that, the a.buser also cropped her ear and broke her jaw.

Source: Daily Mail


UK’s animal welfare group “Wild at Heart Foundation” went to great lengths to bring Maggie to their medical experts. Maggie’s injuries didn’t look good. Doctors sew up her eyes to prevent further damage, but she still needed a lot of will-power to pull through this.

Maggie has recovered considerably in the past few months with the help of proper nursing and her steely resolve. Brighton’s Kasey Carlin initially took in Maggie as a foster, but has now formally adopted the sweet girl.

Source: maggiethewunderdog/Instagram


Maggie uses her sense of smell and hearing to navigate around. Kasey has also been training her with basic commands like “Stop,” “Left,” “Right,” “Step Up,” and “Step Down” that keep her safe. Kasey also recognized Maggie’s affinity towards comforting others and got her enrolled for training as a therapy dog.

Source: maggiethewunderdog/Instagram


Currently, Maggie is a registered therapy dog who primarily helps students d.ealing with anxiety. In spite of her many setbacks; Maggie is living her best life helping others. However, cops are still unable to find the monster who a.bused and mutilated her. Spread the word and help find her vicious a.buser.

Click the video below to watch Maggie the “wunder” dog’s inspiring story of survival!

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