Dog Hears Whistle Coming From Field, Seconds Later Pulls Move That Has Everyone Cracking Up!

Dogs have such unbridled energy, it amazes me. While cats are labeled as independent and calm, dogs seem to be the opposite and have hidden reserves. Just when you think they’re all tuckered out, they manage to pull a fast one. They can always muster up the energy to play fetch or go for a walk. I swear, every time I’ve ever walked a dog, the dog usually ends up walking me!

They have spunk, that’s for sure and can usually draw a smile across anyone’s face. These two funny canine friends are no different. Their little field adventure is just downright hilarious.


Megan the Lurcher is a farm dog. Historically, a lurcher was an excellent poacher’s dog and used in hunting because of their ability to chase and kill prey. Nowadays, they’re great as pets and perfect for families. A lurcher isn’t a pure breed, rather they are a cross between a sighthound (as the name would suggest, a type of hunting dog that relies on sight and speed rather than scent and endurance) and a working dog breed like a collie. Needless to say, they’re pretty savvy pups! And, while they’re smart and useful, they know how to have fun on the side. This video is living proof!

Megan and her pal Molly, the small Jack Russell, are lollygagging around the beautiful grassy hills of the farm. It’s a sunny day, and the two are enjoying their little doggy lives! They’re standing near a field of extra tall grass that Molly just can’t seem to get enough of. She starts to bite the yummy looking green stuff when a loud whistle is heard in the distance. Immediately, Megan the Lurcher looks up, ready to get to work and hunt what needs to be hunted, and chase what needs to be chased! A second later, she crawls in, followed by Molly, but she doesn’t get to work. Neither of them does!

Instead, as they tear off into the field, all you can see is Megan the Lurcher hopping through, gaining height while she hops up and lands, and hops up and lands, and hops up and lands! The grass is tall and Molly disappears into it, so you can imagine just how high Megan is jumping. She must think she’s a kangaroo because she sure does act like one!

Click below to watch this cute and silly dog love her life jumping through the field. What a gem!

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