This Chihuahua tries to ‘steal’ the kittens from their momma, and mommy cat lets her do all the mothering!

Cats and dogs can certainly be best friends, and pet lovers might already know of this fact. But what about mothering the little spawns of the other animal? In this case, a dog raising and mothering kittens? Our hearts were melted when this Chihuahua showed her love for her best friend’s kittens, and even tried to ‘steal’ them away from Mommy Cat and placed them inside her own house!

The Chihuahua, who already has a few puppies of her own, started carrying the kittens one by one and kept them in her home, which is made of a carton box. While the tiny dog went back and forth to fetch the kittens, Mommy Cat just stood by observing, not wanting to get in the way of her babysitter. The adult cat obviously trusted the dog with her kittens and saw no sign of danger.

Inside the dog’s home, we can see that she started to groom the kittens gently and lovingly. Those kittens are so lucky to have two mothers doting on them!

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