Chihuahua Runs To Dad After Every Meal, Demands Pats On Back Till She Burps

Olive is a 12-year-old Chihuahua who loves to get burped after every meal, just like a little toddler! Ever since Olive was a puppy, she loves to get digestion aid in the form of gentle pats on her back that continue until she can hear her burps loud and clear.

Source: Danny Lyon/YouTube


This video was captured by Olivia’s dad, Scott Thuman, over many of these burping sessions with Olive. The moment Olive finishes her meal, she runs to Dad and sits beside him patiently. Dad starts stroking and patting her back just the way she likes it. What’s fascinating is that after enough patting, Olive lets out cute burps every single time!

Scott says that Olivia takes pride in her after-meal routine, especially when she releases the adorable burps. The satisfied face she makes while getting patted and letting out those burps is absolutely heart-melting!

Source: Danny Lyon/YouTube


We have to admit that this is the cutest video of a burping dog that we have ever seen. Scott is really a dedicated dad to Olive. We are so happy that he decided to share this treasure of a video with the world!

Click the video below to watch Olive’s cute burping sessions with Dad after every meal!

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