2 Dogs Are Abandoned On Flooded Porch, But Their Smart Plan Soon Gets Them Rescued

It’s absolutely crushing to think of the last split-second decisions you would have to make in a life or death situation like a natural disaster. Those moments where every millisecond counts as warnings of an impending flood inch closer. Evacuation plans you never thought you’d have to use come into play, and the next thing you know you’re making emergency calls and coming up with not only plan B but plan C and also D, in case the others don’t work out.

It’s something you pray you never have to go through until you wind up there and have to get through it. It’s easy for things to get misplaced, lost, and left behind. Sadly, even some of the most caring people have to make extremely tough decisions.


These tough decisions are usually when it comes to pets. Whether the family left in a hurry or without a care, lots of strays are left behind to fend for themselves like these two dogs in the video. They were found and rescued on a partially submerged porch in Chinquapin, North Carolina, USA, a small town that was hit the hardest rains during Tropical Storm Florence, leaving it in a state of complete catastrophe. Fox News correspondent Leland Vittert was a part of the rescue personnel searching to help anyone who might need it.

A boat cruising down a river that was once a road is a chaotic sight. “The scenes were unbelievable,” Vittert reported on behalf of Fox News. “There is something surreal about driving down a road in a boat.” That’s when the crew begins to pick up on the loud barking that was coming from a distance. Two dogs left for dead and in distress, who managed to find some sort of higher dry ground, were barking up a fuss to get someone’s attention. As they approach the pups, it’s clear to see just how over the moon excited they are to see humans who are trying to help them. A rescue worker extends a hand to try to scoop up the dogs, and they are doing a happy dance and can’t seem to contain themselves.

The pups are then named Chinquapin and Florence and have since been brought to a safer place, the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington DC until they can find forever homes.

Click on the video below to watch this happy and long-awaited moment the two pups are rescued and brought to safety.

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